About Us

Hyena Communications Is a Professional Audio, Video, Light, Cctv Consultant, Installation, Sales and Services Company.


Years in Business





Create, provide, serve

We create the right atmosphere for Churches, Mosque, Theatre, Airport, Schools, Restaurant,Hotels and  Commercial Establishment,

We provide back-up to entertainment industry.

Hyena communication have been in electronics business for over 18 years

We have team of qualified, experienced, dedicated Staffs and partners with common goal of success that really make us tick in the industry, we’ve been able to meet our customers needs over the years and we are working tirelessly for that trend to continue to deliver solutions to our client at the highest quality and best value.

Partnering with;

An American Professional Audio Equipment manufacturing Company.

A United Kingdom  Top audio, video equipment’s manufacturer representative company and

An audio and acoustic engineering  company in Portugal.


We believe that together there is nothing we can’t do, no problem we can’t solve, no schedule we can’t meet, no project we can’t take to a higher level of excellence, we are serious about making sound/video better,

Our results speaks for themselves from churches, to school, to bank, to mosque and events.

Our Vision

To be one of the leading service providing organization in the world

Our Mission

Building a very strong passionate team, to stimulate efficiency through conducive environment, make all team members believe in themselves and assist all stakeholders achieve their dreams.



Office Address

22 Ilaje Road, Bariga-Akoka, Lagos

Phone Number

+234 802 339 8846

+234 803 712 7442

Email Address

info@hyenacommunications.com hyenav@yahoo.com